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Dearest hiphophead, beatfreak en liefhebber,

Het was de afgelopen dagen te mooi weer om achter m’n laptop te zitten en een artikel uit te werken, maar, heb in de tussentijd wel op heerlijke tunes in m’n achtertuin gechilled. Om welke tunes het gaat en om m’n luie sunny fase maar eens te doorbreken lees je vandaag samengevat in een interview met niemand minder dan uit de States afkomstige Genesis the Greykid. Wie? Is dat een producer of rapper? Rapper, ja, ik heb besloten om zo nu en dan ook eens wat rappers te interviewen. Soms heb je van die rappers waarvan je denkt ja, dit is er een die ik graag zou willen interviewen. Juist omdat ze in Europa nog niet bekend zijn maar wel de juiste kwaliteit leveren en dus ook een voorbeeld of inspiratiebron zouden kunnen zijn voor andere rappers.

genesis the greykid 4

Ik stuitte per toeval op deze voor mij tot destijds nog onbekende MC. Desalniettemin ben ik sinds het beluisteren van z’n tracks erg onder de indruk, de man is erg dope zoals ook de muziek. De inhoud van de teksten zijn next level, dus besloot daarop maar eens op zoek te gaan naar meer tracks en het blijkt dat Genesis the Greykid al drie mixtapes/albums heeft ge- released die stuk voor stuk erg dope zijn. Daarnaast wou ik graag eens weten wat deze MC zoal beweegt, naar zijn visie op de wereld en wat z’n plannen zijn voor de toekomst. Redenen genoeg voor mij om hem eens te benaderen voor dit interview en aan jullie voor te stellen.

Laten we gewoon bij het begin beginnen, check zijn bio hieronder:

[ BIO ]

Genesis the greykid

Genesis The Greykid is a 29 year old artist hailing from Virginia Beach, but currently splits his time between Chattanooga, Tennesse & New York. Musically, he’s on a whole other plateau and you can hear that in his writing and in his music. It’s like he paints pictures when he rhymes. His influences range from Jay-z to Art Tatum to ColdPlay to Radio Head.

When asked about what message he hopes to convey to the audience w/ his music, he replied “I’m simply a painter, trying to show you real pictures in a world full of illusions & sleight of a hand.” Genesis knows that he’s in the position he’s in for a reason and that reason is to tell the world his story & the story of a million others.

Genesis moved around a lot while growing up due to his father being in the military, and even though he didn’t grow up in the “Hood” per say, trouble/pitfalls never seemed to stray too far away. Growing up he witnessed his friends selling anything they could get their hands on from crack to heroin to coke 1st hand, to seeing his cousin murder a dude (he just came home) to having some close calls with death himself from having guns pointed at his head point blank range, stray bullets fly his way, to seeing friends die from the very same position he narrowly escaped. As the story goes to make it out of the hood at 25 is a blessing by itself, and at the tender age of 25, Genesis is now ready to tell his story.

He’s not writing just to write, he’s writing in hopes of aspiring others to inspire to follow their dreams and don’t let any circumstance discourage them. I personally look at Genesis as the Marvin Gaye of Rap and thats a very important role because like Jay-z once said “I do this for my culture.” I think the very same could be said for Genesis. “A pioneer always seems crazy until he reaches dry land”  and with all the positive feedback from people on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube as well as from Influential Industry figures it’s safe to say that Genesis is walking down the right path.

Coodie & Chike (Creative Control), Tony Williams (artist / Kanye West’s cousin), A$AP Nast (recording artist) and Dame Dash (music mogul) have all co-signed the music and many others…

Zoals je hebt gelezen is Genesis the Greykid co-signed door verschillende artiesten en mensen uit de muziekindustrie, wat misschien niet meteen een veelbetekenende carierre belooft desondanks zegt het wel iets over z’n rapskills. Maar goed jullie willen vast wel lezen wat voor een beknopte vragen ik gesteld heb.

het interview hieronder:

[ Q & A ]

genesis the greykid 2

1.       Who/What did inspire you to rap?

Poetry really is what inspired me to rap….reading the work of EE Cummings and T.S. Elliot, or Robert Frost. That’s what really got me into rap believe it or not.

2.        What is your favorite aspect of HipHop, why?

Ummmm….I guess being able to take these poems and place them across a rhythm. I already love poetry, but when you have a canvas (like a beat) to place whatever it is you wanna say on top of it, it creates a beautiful picture.

3.       What are your favorite albums HipHop non HipHop

My favorite album is Amok by Atoms for Peace (a band started by Thom York of RadioHead)…well, its between that album and Parachutes by ColdPlay. I dont care for their new stuff, but the first 3 albums they made was pretty dope.

4.       When you’re pickin’ out beats, what do you look for in a beat, why?

The words you use, is like the paint, the beat to me is the canvas….so i look for a beat that speaks to me. That feels like a canvas i can really paint a good picture across.

5.       Is there any chance that on your upcoming projects you would look out for beats from any other part of the world?

Yup! Im always open to here beats from anywhere.

grey skies 3

6.       Listening to the GreySkies 3 tape, i really enjoyed the vibe and the real-life based raps, is this a typical Genesis the Grey kid style? Or will the upcoming Greymatter project sound totally different?

I think its my style, real-life based raps is just apart of me…I want to work with producers that really add other elements to the beats their creating. Like “moods”, it sounds one way, then maybe a minute or so into the track it changes into another mood….like people. But no matter what, I’ll always have those real-life based raps.

7.       Do you have other creative interests beside music and what are they? 

Yeah, im a creator. Music/poetry is a medium i enjoy creating through, but i love all elements of creation…..be it ideas for some marketing strategy, copywriting, short stories, etc. I just love being apart of projects that value creative people and allow them to build. Its hard to beat the grand feeling of making ideas tangible.

8.       What’s your vision on the current state of the world?

Well, not to get too deep into that question….i think the landscape of the world is changing more and more rapidly every year. Unfortunately, its not always for the best. From the big conflicts, like War, food shortages, corrupt governments, the illusion of freedom America has created, or even down to the smaller things like human interaction, or the sense of family. I remember a time when door bells rung more than cell phones (speaking from how it is in America…maybe different in other places). People are less and less human…i could go on and on, but yea…for every good thing i see, its several negative things that take us back.

9.       How and where can we find your music and is there a release date planned for any of your upcoming projects so people can look out for that?

Grey Matter is an EP we wanna put out this year…I just wanna put it out under the right situation. So there’s no date as of now. I just finished a book of poems that should also release this year, but you can find more music at: http://www.iamgenesis.bandcamp.com

Poetry and other things can be found on my website talkingapplesandoranges apples and oranges

Feel free to follow me on twitter: @hi_im_genesis

10.   Any tips, do’s and dont’s for other young upcoming artists?

Only tip i have, is to always make the music you love….so many artist try to conform thinking that can translate into more money, or they make music for everyone else and end up losing themselves in the process. Just stay true to yourself.

Aldus de man zelf, mocht je alvast wat van z’n video’s willen checken:

Ik hoop bij deze dat jouw zintuigen genoeg geprikkeld zijn, dus check Genesis z’n bandcamp, download en luister de tracks, support it en spread the word!


Next up >> productietechnisch artikel “More bounce 2 the ounce”… dus stay tuned!


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